This site was started to help anyone fighting MS or other similar auto immune diseases and share any healthy tips and advice. Trying different methods of controlling MS will be a big part of this blog and sharing how these techniques helped or made things worse.  Intermittent Fasting is an area I hope to focus on and how it works with MS to improve symptoms.

Please feel free to look around and explore my different posts on what MS has been like in my life and comment on your experiences as well.



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  1. Hi. My sister, Terah, sent me the link to your blog. She told me a little about your story, but as a person diagnosed (7/26/17) with RRMS, I really think it is awesome that you are putting your story and information out there to help others. I am looking forward to reading, so please keep posting. Take care.


    1. Yes your sister contacted me a while back and I’m glad she sent you my link! I hope lots of us with MS can be a support system for each other. I’m sorry you have to deal with MS too and feel free to email if you ever want to talk.


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