Hip Hip Hooray

Made it through week one of Wahls Protocol and Intermittent Fasting. I have done Wahls Protocol in the past so I was familiar with the foods I needed to eat. The more difficult part was trying to fit in so many vegetables in a four hour window. The daily guidelines for vegetables in the Wahls Protocol are six to nine cups of various vegetables and this alone is a feat. To further complicate things condensing the eating window means really, really, really big salads are needed to get those vegetables eaten.

Overall, besides some embarrassing stomach growls the week as a whole was a success. I chose to eat between 3-4 pm to 7-8 pm most days. Skipping breakfast wasn’t too hard at all but lunch was progressively tougher. I did not reach my goal on quantity of vegetables everyday but I did avoid all gluten, sugar, legumes and dairy.

As for my typical MS symptoms, they actually hit me extremely hard the second day after starting which I’m assuming went along with my body hating me for not eating sugar or gluten anymore. My leg spasticity was insane that second night and there was a lot of nerve pain. Since I couldn’t sleep with the pain I spent a lot of that evening wondering if this eating style was going to work and wondering if this was too difficult. In the end, I’m glad I stuck it out and I felt much better on next day.

Not feeling bloated all the time and having looser pants is a nice side effect to this new eating plan. Honestly, giving up pretty much all yummy food has me looking for any benefit I can find. Radically changing ones way of eating will be an major adjustment for most people. I don’t expect anyone choosing to eat this way to always appreciate the health benefits, because let’s be honest, eating veggies all day and having no sweets is pretty depressing.

Knowing that MS and depression can go hand in hand means any strategy to fix ones health should include looking for the positive in it. No it’s not always fun eating so many vegetables (I’m think I’m starting to turn green), but I AM feeling good and my skin is looking better and I know I’m giving my autoimmune diseased body a fighting chance against MS.

If you try this eating plan and fail, don’t give up. Any steps in the right direction are beneficial. We are all humans trying to do this thing called life, some of us just get different road blocks along the way and will get to make hard choices towards finding better health.

Have you tried Intermittent Fasting? Have you read Dr. Wahls book about the Wahls Protocol? Any other followers who have had success with MS and this eating lifestyle?

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