Who doesn’t love a warm biscuit?

So I posted my end of week one on You Tube video here and in it I mentioned that I cheated and ate a biscuit yesterday. So I was determined today to find a replacement food item that was allowed and still curbed my food craving. Sugar withdrawals are a real thing and going cold turkey with sugar has been rough. So instead of a biscuit I settled on a scone recipe that fit Wahls Protocol and helped with the sugar withdrawals. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome!

Although my digital photography skills are lacking, this still shows you what you can make and still be on the Protocol. Here is the link to the easy blueberry scone (I made mine with fresh strawberries) recipe and a great blogger who has lots of yummy recipes.

I realize some people may not fully understand what can or cannot be eaten on Wahls Protocol so I plan to do a informational post here soon explaining the basics. Until then you can always google Wahls Protocol or Doctor Wahls and get the scoop that way.

What yummy foods have you had to give up or alter to fit a new eating plan?

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    1. I would love that, thank you! I’m always looking for good recipes that are compliant. I made a second batch of regular scones last night for the rest of my family and it was definitely a lifesaver having something available to me while they gobbled up theirs! Lol

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