What in the world, I’m posting two posts in one day???? Crazy I know, but I finally have the chance to get on here so I better get these up before life gets crazy or I forget.

This is the link to the original bloggers website who has some amazing recipes!

I mentioned these cookies in one of my videos and have been extremely slow in getting this posted. These brownie cookies have been a life saver to me while switching over to this eating lifestyle. I usually make two batches then freeze them and grab a cookie whenever the sugar craze hits.

The recipe calls for Erythritol which is a sugar that doesn’t raise blood sugar but isn’t technically Wahls Protocol compliant so I’ve made batches with honey as well and those were very good too. Honey is allowed by Wahls Protocol but it does raise your blood sugar so keep that in mind. I always leave out the peanut butter powder as well as peanuts are a no no on Wahls Protocol. I did try adding some protein powder once in place of the peanut butter powder which didn’t seem to make any difference to the recipe, so feel free to leave it out completely or add it in.

There is definitely an art to pulling the cookies at just the right time so they’re  still brownie like and chewy and not too cake like.

Let me know what you guys think on these!

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