Lowered Expectations

Sorry it’s been so long for an updated post. I think I’ve decided spring is clearly a busy time for myself and my family with school ending and the multitude of school and life activities that surround this time of year.

I also really noticed this year that like clockwork, those of us who felt down or stressed in January through March are starting to feel more upbeat when April rolls around.

This week my middle daughter had her yearly school camping trip in the woods of Alaska. Knowing my own limitations I figured I better forgo the all day hike on Thursday but I chose to go ahead with the smaller hike they had planned for Wednesday. About an hour into the hike I realized that what my brain thinks and what legs think are two very different things. Needless to say I heartily agreed to the ride back to base camp when a parent who drove their truck offered it to me. I really think MS and other afflictions many of us have really need to remind us to: 1) enjoy life, but also 2) lower our expectations!

I can’t help but think of the 90s skit on Mad TV called “lowered expectations”. Although that skit was geared at lowering expectations in a dating/love life. I think more of us need to stop expecting ourselves to still do everything we used to be able to do and then get mad when we can’t. I knew my limitations with climbing and I thought I knew my expectations with long hikes on easy terrain. Although I hate not completing what I started I also know the “good” and “smart” angel on my shoulder said to take the truck ride offer and in turn be able to walk the next day.

What do you struggle with giving up or lowering your expectations with in terms of what your body can handle? Do you push yourself too hard then regret it later? I’m trying to give myself more grace these days and remember that I’m still an able bodied individual who wants to have fun and connect with my kids, but I also have to be careful to not overdo it and possibly hurt myself.

Love yourself with whatever your physically able to do❤️

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  1. I think we all get to a point where we recognized where that line in the sand is between what you want to do and are physically able to do. I still cross it from time to time but when I do I make sure it isn’t in a public setting in case I crash and burn

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