So I feel like I’ve fallen off the edge of the earth with this blog but it has nothing to do with my health. I simply wanted to do other stuff besides write this summer. So I have finally sat down long enough to blog about my life over this summer and my progress with my diet and MS.

I am still trying to eat Wahls Protocol compliant and I am still intermittently fasting but I am no way strict with it. Summers are full of camping and projects and nonexistent schedules so I have not been able to stick to my 4-6 hour eating window all the time.

I have been eating fairly good though so I don’t get the horrible cravings like I used to. (Unless my husband brings home a dozen donuts from an amazing little donut shop in town….then I do slip up and call it life and eat better the next day)

This way of eating continues to help keep my weight completely under control. Being female, I feel like I have spent the last thirty years worrying about my weight and it’s a nice reprieve to not worry about that anymore.

As for relapses or flares I don’t think I’ve had any or felt like I have gotten worse. I still have some issues that I deal with and will probably always deal with due to the damage the MS did. I’m due for my yearly MRI this month so it will be interesting to see if there are any changes after eating this way for awhile now.

I also wanted to update everyone on a great resource I recently found. There is a guy named Matt Embry who runs a website called MSHope and he did an MS documentary here: and you can watch the documentary free on amazon prime. I highly recommend it!

I plan to incorporate some of his diet plan into my Wahls Protocol. I want to add more fruits into my diet as eating so strictly makes me get extremely bored and tired of the same foods. Matt Embry also eats more lean meats than the fatty ones Dr Wahls encourages. I think ultimately all of us with MS figure out that we are affected differently and some things will work for one and not for others. I don’t know if lean meat or fatty meats are better but I’m encouraged that two different people with MS have had great success with their personal walk with MS. I also really like about Matt’s website that his information is free and he isn’t selling anything. He is just a guy with MS who’s father helped him come up with a diet that keeps his MS at bay. He also isn’t doing this to make a quick buck and that gives him credibility in my book.

Another adventure in my life this summer is the addition of a new family member. Gus Gus is our new miniature schnauzer puppy we got last week. This is the first puppy I’ve gotten since my diagnosis and I was quickly reminded that I do have a disease that easily causes fatigue. Luckily Gus Gus has been sleeping through the night for the most part and my wonderful husband has been great helping me with the frequent potty breaks and feeding with the little guy.

He is pretty adorable and a great addition to our family.

Besides our new puppy I have also been remodeling an old RV we bought and I plan to blog about that when it’s done. It’s not MS related but it’s a fun project and I think anyone with health problems should do things that are fun to them as much as possible.

Life is too short and we need to find joy whenever we can!

I hope everyone’s summer has been a good one. Since I live in Alaska I realize my end of summer is very different timing than other areas but our summer is definitely dwindling and my sweaters are getting worn again.

Please let me know if any of you find anything interesting in the Matt Embrys page and documentary. I am sold on the idea that people with diseases need to look into our diets for healing or at least for aiding our bodies.


Who doesn’t love a warm biscuit?

So I posted my end of week one on You Tube video here and in it I mentioned that I cheated and ate a biscuit yesterday. So I was determined today to find a replacement food item that was allowed and still curbed my food craving. Sugar withdrawals are a real thing and going cold turkey with sugar has been rough. So instead of a biscuit I settled on a scone recipe that fit Wahls Protocol and helped with the sugar withdrawals. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome!

Although my digital photography skills are lacking, this still shows you what you can make and still be on the Protocol. Here is the link to the easy blueberry scone (I made mine with fresh strawberries) recipe and a great blogger who has lots of yummy recipes.

I realize some people may not fully understand what can or cannot be eaten on Wahls Protocol so I plan to do a informational post here soon explaining the basics. Until then you can always google Wahls Protocol or Doctor Wahls and get the scoop that way.

What yummy foods have you had to give up or alter to fit a new eating plan?

I’m on YouTube!

So I made the jump to YouTube to blog my video journal of doing Wahl’s Protocol and Intermittent Fasting. I plan to update weekly my progress in all aspects of my health and MS symptom. I’m hoping I see some dramatic results and am able to update everyone on how eating this way can have positive affects on our health.

I am following the level three Wahls Protocol which is the most restrictive of the Wahls Protocol and doing the 20/4 Intermittent Fasting. I eat all of my calories for the day during a four hour window and fast the rest of the day except for no calorie drinks. Thank goodness I can still have my coffee!

Is anyone else trying this way of eating to treat their MS? Comment below if you are

Game Changer

What do you do with a body that doesn’t listen? You work with what you have!

I currently have RRMS (Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis) and I have good and bad days. Some days I honestly almost forget I have this disease and some days it takes every ounce of energy I can muster to get out of bed. On bad days I notice that my mood plummets and I have to try REALLY HARD to be a nice wife and mother.

The consensus of MS seems to be that it will affect everyone differently. My personal journey includes numb hands and feet, falling, no feeling in my legs, memory issues, bladder issues(😫) and major fatigue. There are other annoying *perks* of MS that I won’t go into but the ones I listed are the major issues I deal with.

Being determined to deal with the hand I’ve been dealt keeps me focused on improving my situation and away from depression and isolation. I truly believe our brain and outlook on life is a game changer.

Try to look towards improving your plight, no matter how rough it is; go outside and enjoy nature, look at a child who sees the wonder in little things, volunteer, watch an inspiring movie, hug your children or kiss your spouse. Find something that brings you joy and focus on it instead of the negative things this disease brings. Focusing on improving my health and trying to avoid conventional medicine is what drives me and helps me stay focused on improvement. I have MS and I can’t change that, but I can work with what I have and still love my life.

What good things in your life can you focus on or what activity would help you look to the positives?

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